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Paving the Way to a Brighter Future

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Life Skills Workshops

Shaping the Leaders of Tomorrow From Survivors of Today

At JaiBirds Worthy Works, we strive to empower the lives of youth in our community through a variety of programs. Our Life Skills Workshops are designed to provide kids with all the tools they need to meet their own basic needs now and to be great leaders as they mature. Many children we work with are left to fend for themselves with regards to meals, hygiene, and basic life skills at home.  It's a sad reality, but is one we see everyday. One goal of our Life Skills Workshops is to provide guidance to these children so they can move beyond simply surviving. We are happy to be a driving force behind the development of our children, and continue to work to make a difference in their lives.

Meet The Makers Trips

Seeing Is Believing

We empower youth to reach their fullest potential through a wide range of services. We care about our children, and provide them with a number of enrichment programs to help shape their identity. Our Artisan Trips provides our youth with the chance to meet new and established artisans in the Carolinas. This year we are sharing the Renaissance Festival experience with our kids so they can see a very unique artisan lifestyle. Starting in April 2022, we will be taking monthly trips across North & South Carolina to connect with inspiring artists in their shops and studios to get a real feel for what it means to be a creator in the 21st Century. From iron working and pottery making to recording and photography studios, our young creators will have a chance to meet some of the Carolinas best artisans.

Glass Blower maker
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Music Photographers At A Concert


Tryout Every Dream At Least Once

Most children we encounter have at least one lofty daydream. It usually involves being a mogul of some description and we know some of these kids will achieve that dream.  We also realize not every child who wants to play for the NBA will get there, and often, when that reality sets in for them, they lose sight of all the other possibilities related to that dream. Being part of an industry you love, even if you aren't at the center of it, can be just as fulfilling and is a very realistic goal for many kids.  We are working to build partnerships with as many organizations as possible to provide "a day in the life" experiences for our Winternship program participants. Whether it's photographing musicians on stage or gathering stats for ball games, being part of what you love is a huge win!

Our Programs: Our Programs
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