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Cultivating Confident Creators
Matthew 10:31

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JaiBirds Worthy Works has officially launched - producing unique handmade goods & digital products, while providing leadership formation and life changing opportunities to youth in North Carolina.  Beyond our home base in person activities, we will soon offer virtual programs as well.  We offer kids a chance to form leadership, life and artisan skills through guided practice workshops and classes. As they become self-assured of their abilities and knowledge, we assist them in building revenue streams to fuel their dreams. We see the full capability of our youth, and our mission is to assist them in becoming self sufficient creators & leaders who flourish in our ever-changing world.

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Bloom Where You Are Planted

Child Artist

Empowerment Workshops

Worth Greater Than Works

At JaiBirds Worthy Works, we strive to assist youth in acknowledging their intrinsic worth as amazing creations and creators.  We want every child to know that what they do has value because they are inherently valuable.  We are not defined by our works, but our works are defined by who we are.  Our Empowerment Workshops are designed to provide young people with the confidence and skills they need to begin their journey as artisans and leaders. Knowing how to do something you love is one thing, learning how to do it well and monetize it, is quite another. We are happy to be a driving force behind the creative development of our children, and work to continue making a difference in their lives.

Live In Peace Classes

An Empty Cup Doesn't Fill Another Cup

We want to see all kids thrive. But it's hard to focus on doing great things if you struggle with basic necessities.  We give youth the skills to plan, the resources to prepare and the tools to succeed in their endeavors now and as they mature. We know being able to care for ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually profoundly impacts our personal joy, patience and peace. Our Living Peace classes provide youth with guidance and a safe space to practice life skills that can be intimidating.  These classes are designed to help kids really learn the basics of daily living before they are left to navigate the mysteries of hygiene, laundry, personal finances, and even cooking on their own.

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